Story From The Road: I almost died in the Philippines.

I would like to include a few interesting stories every once in a while, just to give everyone a little taste of what it can be like on the road, and give a more personal glimpse into my experience. While I’m sure there will be more interesting stories to come, this is the one I have to share at this moment. Read More


El Nido Island Hopping!

El Nido is not so much a secret as it was in the past. It seems everyone knows about it if they know of The Philippines, and for good reason. This small town is home to the best island hopping in Palawan, and I would argue it is among the best, if not the best, in all of the Philippines. If you’re in search of waterfalls, secret beaches, lagoons, and deserted islands, El Nido is the place to be. Read More


El Nido, Philippines. Enough Said.

If you’re thinking of going to The Philippines, El Nido is a must do. This small beach front town has a lot to offer. The town is nested in a small cove, and just around the corner it opens up in to some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever laid eyes on. This article will cover getting to El Nido, and all the things you will want to know upon arrival. The five days I spent here were my favorite of my time in The Philippines. Read More