Thank you for visiting Whiskey and Wanderlust! This site is for those with travel, and maybe a little whiskey, in their blood. I’m here to inspire you to travel often, to show you how to travel cheaper and smarter, and to take you on my journeys. I’ll be providing advice on the destinations I have been to so you can use my experience to better your own. I’m still working on the aesthetics of the site, but content is my main goal. If you are an experienced travel writer or blogger any advice or constructive criticism is welcome! Stay tuned!

- Nick

  Oslob, Cebu, Philippines Whale Shark DivingDSC02825 (2)SOCALTEXAS

     I like to think of myself as a more adventurous traveler. I tend to seek out the exhilarating experiences from around the world. I wouldn’t say I’m at the same level as those who run with the bulls, turns out I can’t due to the cruelty I’ve learned about the event, but I like to get the adrenaline pumping from time to time. While I do love the thrill certain activities can bring on, I also aim to be a responsible traveler. I’m a big fan of the “leave only footprints” mindset. I will always try to see how my travels will affect the environment around me, and will abstain from those activities that harm other living things. I’m interested in, and highly fascinated by, other cultures.(Probably the reason travel appeals to me so much!) Family roles, language, traditions, religions, mindsets…To think of all the ways we differ from each other, while at the same time being essentially the same. I hope as I wind my way through the world I’ll grow in love and respect for all people.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to travel. Looking back at my teen years I realize the desire was always present. It may have not been recognized as such at the time, but it was there. Gaining a sense of adventure from exploring the streets and alleyways around the block, the freedom felt when wandering unknown cities at home or states nearby, taking trips to the east and west coast, and eventually to a random few cities in Canada. Slowly, I started to realize what I desired most, and resolved to follow that desire at all costs. Travelling, for any amount of time, satisfies a longing within us. We feel different. We suddenly have the world before us. We can go anywhere, do anything. Live in the moment. That is what I felt as a kid. That is how I want to live as an adult. Sure, it’s different as adult, better, I would argue; but it is an option. My story is just beginning, won’t you come along for the ride?